Ger McDonnell on K2 2008

Irish climber Ger McDonnell on his
conquering of K2 in 2008

Cead Mile Failte and welcome to "I Am Irish", your passport to the world of Irish identity. Whether you were born in Ireland or are of Irish descent or just want to be Irish, then this App and web-site is the place for you. We will keep you informed about all things Irish; Our history, our heritage, our customs and our proverbs.

We have stories of great Irish people; both at home and abroad. We are endevouring to find as many Irish people as we can from all parts of the world.


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Famous Irish People you might know... 

 Liam Neeson, Irish Actor

Liam Neeson,

 Katy Taylor, Olympic Boxing Champion

Katy Taylor,
Olympic Campion

 Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet

Oscar Wilde,

 Mary Robinson, Irish President

Mary Robinson,
Former President

 Daniel Day Lewis, Irish Actor

Daniel Day Lewis,


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